Period Pants - Feeling Free
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Period Pants - Feeling Free

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Feeling Free period pants. 

Feeling Free and super comfortable knowing you're safe and leak-free with confidence.  The perfect eco alternative to tampons or sanitary pads.

These are a 'boxer style' pants and because we believe that even on your period, it's important to feel good. The inner absorbent sections runs from front to back waistband and features our usual 4 layers, which are absorbent and moisture wicking, keeping you dry and comfy all day - or night long.


These are very true to size 


The pants are cotton/elastane (95%/5%). With a waterproofed outer layer, you've got maximum protection but also keeping you comfortable:

  • moisture wicking
  • highly absorbent
  • never leak
  • breathable fabric

As with any sanitary option, if you're using these as your only means of protection, we recommend that you change them during the day, just like you would a pad or tampon.

Machine wash cold (maximum 30 degrees) and then hang dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener or put them in the tumble dryer. This will affect the absorbency 

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