Stretchy Wraps / Close Caboo

Great for newborn baby, this stretchy wrap can be put on in the morning and left on all day long. 

It’s a really great option for someone who has another child / toddler as they are really simple to use, easy to breastfeed in and can be pre-tied.  Stretchy wraps are at the cheaper end of the sling range. Generally, stretchy wraps are used for the first 6 months. I stock the JPMBB (aka Love Radius) and the Hana Baby wrap. If you have twins or would like to use this type of wrap for as long as possible I would choose the JPMBB (aka Love Radius) Original as they are definitely most supportive. If you have a premature or a very tiny newborn I would suggest the Hana Baby wrap.

If you like the idea of the wrap, in that it is really soft, easy for breastfeeding and being able to pre-tie it but you are put off by actually having to wrap it I would suggest that you take a look at the Close Caboo as these are very like a stretchy wrap but pre-tied for you making them very simple to use. They can be used from 2.3kg (5 pounds).