Sling Consultations

Babywearing Lessons and Consultations

Choosing a sling (I am using the word sling to encompass all slings, wraps and baby carriers) can sometimes seem quite daunting, if you would like help choosing a sling and have some questions I would be delighted to help you.

You can email me at or text me on 087 998 1367 and we can arrange a call where I can talk you through the different sling types and recommend a sling for your needs. 

Alternatively, some people would like to see me in person and learn more about slings prior to purchase. My babywearing consultations/lessons take place in Kilnamanagh, Dublin 24 and I also travel all around Dublin and parts of Meath, Wicklow and Kildare so that you can have the consultation in the comfort of your own home.

I have 3 different types of consultation depending on what you are looking for

30mins: If you already have a sling, are using it and need to ensure that you are using it properly, maybe you have a stretchy wrap and would like to learn to breastfeed in it, maybe you have been using a carrier for front carries and now want to move to back carries, this 30 mins lesson is the one for you.  I can go through tweaks to make the sling more comfortable, more supportive of your back and ensure that you are carrying your baby properly in the sling.
The cost of this sling lesson is €30
60mins: If you have a sling and have no idea at all how to use it or you know the type of sling you want but want to try several types (ie full buckle carrier or stretchy wrap) this is the lesson for you.
You would like to learn how to use the sling properly and address questions such as how do I ensure my baby is safe? What do I dress my baby in etc? How can I ensure my back is supported? I will demonstrate how to use the sling and then you will learn the technique using a doll before trying your own baby in the sling. This 60mins lesson would be perfect for example for learning how to use a stretchy wrap and how to breastfeed in it, how to use a ring sling, meh dai etc.
The cost of this lesson is €50
90mins: This is the perfect consultation for those who are totally new to slings, who want me to start at the very beginning and explain all about babywearing, positioning, how to dress baby, comfort for both baby and the wearer, sling safety etc. During this consultation I demonstrate several different types of slings that are suitable for your needs, go through the pros/cons etc and then you will try on the slings with the use  of a doll, find the sling or slings you like and I teach you the techniques of using them. This sling lesson is.
The cost of this sling lesson is €65

Lots of people come to me when they are pregnant to learn how to use slings prior to the baby being born. Personally, I think this is a great idea as 1. You are then ready to use the sling right from birth and 2. You can concentrate 100% on learning the techniques etc. I generally say anytime from 28-36 weeks is a good time.

  • All the lessons are baby led meaning that if your baby needs to be fed, cuddled, changed etc we will of course tend to them first
  • Prices quoted above are for lessons that take place in Snugglebugs, Kilnamanagh, D24
  • I do travel for home visits all over Dublin, parts of Meath, Kildare and Wicklow an extra fee applies to cover my time and travel costs generally generally €15-35

If you would like me to let you know exactly how much extra it will be please email or 087 998 1367


If you have any questions at all about slings, babywearing, etc. no matter how small or big I am always happy to answer them over the phone or via email so please do get in touch.