Fidella FlyTai Baby
Fidella FlyTai Baby

Fidella FlyTai Baby

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Snugglebugs Review: Babysize Flytai

  • Recommended age range: Newborn up to 18 months
  • Recommended weight limits: Newborn to 15kg
  • Materials used: 100% Organic cotton woven fabric

How it works:

The Flytai has an adjustable seat so it can be made bigger or smaller to suit the size of the baby. The back panel is also adjustable. The Flytai has 2 short straps that tie around the torso of the wearer and 2 long straps which you cross on your back bringing the fabric to the front where you cross it again and bring it behind your back and tie it in a double knot. The Flytai is lovely and soft and can be used for front carries and back carries once your baby is old enough. The Fidella Flytai works perfectly from newborn up to 18 months

Why we love it:

The Fidella Flytai is a such a fab sling and one we love to use with our own kiddies. It is super adjustable so can be used for a good range of ages. Because of its adjustability it can be made small enough to fit a new born perfectly. While at first it can look complicated, it is actually really easy to use and can be used between parents with no adjusting needed. The Fidella Flytai has lovely padded to wrap strap shoulders meaning it is very supportive and comfy to use.  We love that you can achieve a really high back carry using the Flytai.

What Fidella say about their Babysized Flytai:

  • usable as front and back carrier
  • shoulder straps with a total length of 200 cm
  • weight of the child can be spread out optimally due to the shoulder straps which can be fanned out
  • usable for size XS up to XXL
  • usable from birth
  • for babies with a body size between 56 cm and 80 cm
  • adjustable strap between 11 cm and 37 cm
  • adjustable back panel between 26 cm and 36 cm
  • Jacquard weaving texture -classic-
  • surface weight of 212 g/m²
  • usable up to a maximum weight of 15 kg

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