Love Radius Hoodie Carrier
Love Radius Hoodie Carrier
Love Radius Hoodie Carrier
Love Radius (aka JPMBB)

Love Radius Hoodie Carrier

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What is the Love Radius HoodieCarrier recommended age range?

This carrier is suitable from birth to approximately 2 years

What is the recommended weight limit? 7lbs to 45lbs (20kg)

Material used? The body of the sling is 100% cotton and is machine washable.

How the Love Radius  HoodieCarrier works? 

It is a very simple buckle carrier with a body panel which supports your babies body, a supportive waist band and two padded shoulder straps that are secured with a little clip behind your neck. It can also be used for back carries.

Why we love it? 

The Love Radius Hoodie carrier is a really simple to use yet supportive carrier that you can use from birth right up to approximately two years of age. The fabric of the body panel is made from lovely soft fabric, not unlike a sweatshirt and is breathable and really comfortable to wear.

The clever design allows you to shorten the back panel when your baby is small and lengthen it as your baby grows. There is also a head support that can be detached when your baby has good head control and no longer needs it. There is also a little hood for your baby attached to the carrier.

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