Love Radius Original Stretchy Wrap (aka JPMBB)
Love Radius Original Stretchy Wrap (aka JPMBB)
Love Radius Original Stretchy Wrap (aka JPMBB)
Love Radius Original Stretchy Wrap (aka JPMBB)
Love Radius (aka JPMBB)

Love Radius Original Stretchy Wrap (aka JPMBB)

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What age is the Je Porte Mom Bebe Original Stretchy Wrap recommended for?

The JPMBB Original Stretchy Wrap is suitable from birth to up 6-10 months or longer if learn how to use it for a back carry.

What is the minimum and maximum weight guidelines?

3.5kgs to 14kgs

What is the material made of?

Cotton 95% Elasthanne 5%

How the JPMBB Basic Wrap work:

The JPMBB Original wrap is super soft straight out of the bag and is the perfect slings for newborns. The JPMBB Original Stretchy is super supportive even for a heavier baby while still providing that lovely snuggly feeling. The JPMBB Original is reasonably priced and be used from birth. The JPMBB Stretchy Wrap can be pre-tied and you can pop your baby in and out throughout the day without having to take the sling off. Once you have practised a few times it is really easy to use and so there is a number of carries you can do without having to change the knot - front, hip, seated sideways and feeding positions.

Why we love it the JPMBB Basic Wrap:

The JPMBB Original Stretchy Wrap is one of our favourites for small babies (you will see plenty of pics on this website of Méabh with her favourite bright pink JPMBB!)  The JPMBB Original wrap is a reasonably priced and a  great starting point for those new to baby-wearing. It is very supportive and feels lovely wrapped around your body keeping your little one snug. The pocket at the front provides an extra layer of support which really helps as baby gets heavier. Nothing beats the feeling of a baby being snuggly wrapped in a stretchy wrap. If you also have a toddler a stretchy wrap is very practical as you can leave it on you and pop baby in and out throughout the day. We love the versatility of a stretchy wrap and love how you can do move baby to different positions without having to open the knot - font, hip, seated sideways  and feeding positions. As the JPMBB is a hybrid (super strong) wrap it can also be used to carry baby on your back - however this can be a bit tricky so please seek professional help with this if you need to.

What JPMBB have to say about their Original Stretchy?

  1. Pop baby in and out without untying the knot
  2. One knot, various positions: Carry on torso, hip and back. It also allows nursing on the go. Beginners or experts.
  3. Respect baby's physiology: No compromise is made regarding Baby's back support and safety due to positions and JPMBB's exclusive knitting developed for baby-wearing purposes.
  4. Carry in comfort: Offers an optimal and adaptive distribution of the traction on shoulders, back, hips.
  5. Exclusive innovative fabric: A slight amount of a specific type of elastane (5%) is added to the cotton, with a unique knitting pattern and cotton density. Conceived and perceived as the hybrid between a woven and a stretchy wrap.

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