Love Radius Physio Carrier
Love Radius Physio Carrier
Love Radius Physio Carrier
Love Radius Physio Carrier
Love Radius (aka JPMBB)

Love Radius Physio Carrier

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What is the recommended age range?  Approximately birth to 2 years

What is are the recommended weight guidelines?  From 7.7 lbs to 20kg

What are the materials used?  Cotton with a mesh body panel


How it works?

The JPMBB physio carrier is an ergonomic full buckle carrier, the straps can be worn rucksack style or can be crossed at the back for added comfort and support. The physio carrier can be used for both front and back carries. For newborn and small babies you need to purchase the Booster pack which contains a booster seat and extra neck support cushion. The physio carrier can be crossed at the back or put on ruck sack style. 

Why we love it?

There are lots of reasons we love the JPMBB physio carrier here at Snugglebugs. The physio carrier is a really 'Daddy friendly' carrier, by that we mean that Dad's tend to like this carrier mainly because of the block colours, the padded shoulder straps and the manly look of the sling.  From our vast experience of working with children with additional needs this carrier offers a lot of support.

Here at Snugglebugs we have helped lots of parents and babies with additional needs so if you do have questions please do get in touch with us

The booster seat allows baby to sit comfortable and in the perfect posture. The extra neck support cushion allows for lovely head support for a small baby.

What JPMBB say about their Physio Carrier?

  1. Physio Carrier adapts to all climates and situations thanks to its foldable cooling vent. It also allows to monitor baby’s position in the carrier and ensure physiological posture.
  2. The rear mirror is useful to watch baby while carried on your back.
  3. The abundant padding on the suspenders and side straps and possibility to cross suspenders provide a unique comfort.
  4. With the optional removable booster and the padded collar, you can carry newborn respecting his physiology. You can also carry an older curious baby on the back with the booster, he will be able to watch over your shoulder and won’t have his view blocked by your back.
  5. The side straps allows precise adjustment according baby’s age. It also give support to the bended knees and help to better tilt the pelvis to provide Baby with a wide and comfortable seat.

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