Love Radius Ring Sling
Love Radius Ring Sling
Love Radius Ring Sling
Love Radius Ring Sling
Love Radius Ring Sling
Love Radius (aka JPMBB)

Love Radius Ring Sling

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Love Radius Ring Sling recommended age range:

Perfect for newborns and can be used up to approx 6 months or longer if desired

Recommended weight limits: Newborn  to 15kg

Materials used: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastine


How the Jpmbb Ring Sling works:

The love radius Ring Sling is soft straight out of the bag and is the perfect slings for newborns. The fabric loops through the rings and the size of the pouch is easily adjustable by pulling the material through the rings.  It is perfect to pack in your hospital bag and so lovely for the newborn stage. The love radius Ring sling has 2 colours so you can choose which side you want to have on the outside. 

 Why we love it the Love Radius Ring Sling:

We both used the love radius Ring Sling within hours of our babies being born. It is so soft and easy to use that is can be used as soon as baby is born. The Jpmbb Ring sling is a lovely way to provide skin to skin and bonding as soon as baby is born. Another reason we loved the love radius ring sling is that it is really easy to breastfeed your baby in the sling.


What Love Radius say about their Ring Sling:

  • The Love Radius ring sling is a simple, quick and lightweight baby carrier.
  • Designed for when you need to carry your baby in your arms for a short period of time.
  • The ring sling can be adjusted in just a few seconds, with the 2 rings according to your needs.
  • New knitted fabric developed by love radiua provides a high level of comfort and free movement
  • The Love Radius ring sling is reversible.

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