Kibi Newborn
Kibi Newborn
Kibi Newborn

Kibi Newborn

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Our recommended age range: Works well from birth months to 2/2.5yrs

Recommended weight limits: Up to 20kgs

Materials used: 100% Cotton

How it works:

The Kibi is a super adjustable soft structured carrier which works well from birth to 2/2.5yrs. The seat & back panel can be easily adjusted so the carrier grows with your baby.

It can be used for front carriers by crossing straps at the back or using it rucksack style. It can be used for back carries once baby fits well and is able to hold themselves in a sitting position.

Why we love it:

We love the adjustability of the Kibi Carrier. It is so reasonably priced for a carrier that works so well for so long. We love that it can be crossed at the back or worn rucksack style which is a great if you have 2 wearers that prefer different positions. The Kibi is great for providing a high back carry due to the adjustability of the shoulder straps. The Kibi has a nice amount of padding on the waistband and the shoulder straps to provide comfort for the wearer.

Its made from wrap fabric so really soft and molds really well around a baby's body


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