Mysol Sling
Mysol Sling
Mysol Sling
Mysol Sling
Mysol Sling
Mysol Sling

Mysol Sling

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What is the Girasol Mysol recommended age range?

This carrier is suitable from birth to approximately 2 years

What is the recommended weight limit?

7lbs to 45lbs (20kg)

Material used?

100% cotton, fully machine washable

How the Girasol Mysol works?

It is a very simple sling with a body panel which supports your babies body, two short straps that tie around your waist and two longer straps go over your shoulders, cross at the back and tie at your waist.


Why we love it?

Girasol developed the MySol in cooperation with experienced baby-wearing consultants. It is manufactured, hand woven and sewn with love, by skilled artisans in small workshops in Guatemala under fair-trade conditions. For comfortable baby-wearing joy with love and conscience!

The Girasol Mysol is suitable from birth right up to toddler, and requires no insert for a newborn. It's really simple to use and as there are no buckles to adjust makes it a really lovely carrier to have when more than one adult is using it. It is made from woven wrap fabric so although really soft against newborn skin it is also very supportive for a heavier child. It is fully reversible so if it gets dirty on one side you can use it on the other side prior to washing.  It includes a lovely carrier bag to keep it clean and a little hip bag to carry money, keys, phone etc.

What Girasol say about their Mysol carrier?

The MySol baby-carrier is the perfect alternative to a wrap. With the MySol you can carry your baby from birth till toddlerhood safely, comfortably and ergonomically tummy to tummy or on your back.

Its design is based on traditional Asian baby-carrier called Meh Dai, adapted to modern needs by adding sophisticated features.

The MySol consists of two layers of our high-quality woven wrap fabric. Thus it nestles around your baby like a second skin providing perfect support.

The MySol is a baby-carrier meant for lasting baby-wearing joy. This carrier accommodates your baby as they grow: The width of the seat can be cinched smoothly and easily which is important for the spread-squat-position (knees higher than bottom) and thus supporting the healthy development of baby's hips particularly during the first 12 months.

The back panel allows for resizing according to your baby's growth: As soon as your baby grows into size 74/80, simply thread the waistband into the lower tunnel. An integrated sleep hood (also fully adjustable) supports the head of your sleeping baby and also helps to protect from the sun. Also, you can adjust the width of the neck area. Padded shoulder straps and a padded and waist belt help to make baby-wearing a most comfortable experience for you.

Developing the MySol we decided to avoid hard plastic parts, clasps, buckles and complicated adjustment features. Instead, we added a chest belt for carrying on the back and a practical hip bag for all the important items such as your wallet, keys or mobile.

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